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Chapter 9

Behavioural Neuroscience I Chapter 9

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PSYC 2410
Anneke Olthof

O W^b[a___`W _S\ S_` UUSZYWST W b ZY[^YSZ`S`Y^[c_SZUSZYW_ U[Z` Za[a_ Z^W_\[Z_W`[ `_YWZW` U\^[Y^S _SZVWZb ^[Z WZ` O Wa^[VWbW [\ WZ`_`S^`_c `S ZY WXW^` WVWYYUW SZVWZV_c `S XaZU` [ZS SVa `T^S Z 4 [ \ W `SZVc[ZVW^[XZWa^[VWbW [\ WZ` 4 [ WW\W^ WZUW\ S_ ZZWa^[VWbW [\ WZ` 4 [Z_W]aWZUW_cWZZWa^[VWbW [\ WZ`Y[W_c^[ZY S_W_[XWa^[VWbW[\WZ` O aY[`W_ ZY WUW X[^ WVT[ba SZV_\W^ 4 b VW_aZ` S S`a^W[^YSZ _ _\^[VaUWV O ^WW` ZY_[`W^`SZUW a ` \ US` [Z a_`[UUa^ 4 W a_`V XXW^WZ` S`WSZVTWU[ W a_U WUW _ a ` \[ S^ZWa^[Z_ S UW _SZV_[[Z 4 W _SbW`[Y[`[S\\^[\^ S`W_ `W_SZVS YZc `UW _S^[aZV`W `[X[^ \S^` Ua S^_`^aU`a^W_ 4 W a_`W_`ST _S\\^[\^ S`WXaZU` [ZS ^W S` [Z_c `[`W^UW _ O WbW [\ ZYZWa^[Z_[UUa^ ZX bW\S_W_ 4 ÔZVaU` [Z[X`WZWa^S \ S`W 4 Wa^S \^[ XW^S` [Z 4 Y^S` [ZSZVSYY^WYS` [Z 4 [ZY^[c`SZV_ZS\_WX[^ S` [Z 4 Wa^[ZVWS`SZV_ZS\_W^WS^^SZYW WZ` O Wa^S \ S`W` __aW`S`_VW_` ZWV`[VWbW [\ Z`[`Wa SZZW^b[a_ __`W 4 _ S \S`U[XWU`[VW^ S ` __aW[Z`WV[^_S _a^XSUW[X`W VWbW [\ ZYW T^[ O ^WW SW^_[XW T^[Z UUW _ _WU`[VW^ W_[VW^ SZVWZV[VW^ O __aW`SWZX^[ V[^_S W_[VW^ [X[ZWW T^[SZV \ SZ`WVTWZWS` `WbWZ`^S WU`[VW^ [XSZ[`W^W T^[ ZVaUW_VWbW [\ WZ`[XW`^SZWa^S \ S`W[ZbWZ`^S _a^XSUW[X[_` O S^ W_`UW _S^W`[` \[`WZ`ST ``[VWbW [\ Z`[SZ`\W[XUW Z`W T[V X`^SZ_\ SZ`WV`[`WS\\^[\^ S`W_ `W O `W UW _UW _[X`WZWa^S \ S`W 4 Z `WVUS\SU `X[^_W X^WZWcS 4 T ``[VWbW [\ Z`[V XXW^WZ``\W_[X S`a^WUW _ O ÔX S Z`S ZWV ZSZS\\^[\^ S`WUW Ua `a^W`WU[Z` ZaW`[ a ` \ SZV SbW`WUS\SU ``[VWbW [\ Z`[ SZ`\W_[XUW _ O Wa^S \ S`WX[ V_`[X[^ ZWa^S Y^[[bW O Wa^S `aTW \_[XZWa^S Y^[[bWXa_W`[X[^ 4 ÔZ_ VWTWU[ W_UW^WT^S bWZ`^ U W_SZV_\ ZS USZS 4 ZV[XŸŴVS_[XU[ZUW\` [Z_cW ZY_X[^WT^S Z VT^S Z ZVT^S ZS^Wb _ T W O Wa^S \^[ XW^S` [ZUW _[X`W`aTWTWY Z`[ ZU^WS_W ZZa TW^ 4 [W_Z`[UUa^_ a `SZW[a_ [^W]aS 4 [_`UW V b _ [Z[UUa^_ Z`WbWZ`^ Ua S^[ZW^WY [ZSV"SUWZ``[ bWZ`^ U W O Y^S` [Z[ZUWUW _S^WU^WS`WV`W Y^S`W`[`W ^`S^YW` [US` [Z 4 W _S^W_` Z S`a^WX[^ 4 SV S Y^S` [ZbWZ`^ Ua S^[ZW ZS_`^S Y` ZW`[[a`W^cS [X `aTW 4 SZYWZ` S Y^S` [Z^ Y`SZY W`[^SV S Y^S` [Z\S^S W `[`aTW_ cS 4 [ S `^SZ_ [US` [ZW`WZ_ [ZY^[c_X^[ `WVWbW [\ ZYUW Z`W V ^WU` [Z[X`W Y^S` [Z 4 S WV S`WV Y^S` [Z[ZUW`W \[^S^cS [XY S UW _Z^SV S Y S UW _S\\WS^`W [bWS [ZY^SV S Y S ZW`c[^ 4 ÔZ_ VW[a`\S``W^ZWSUcSbW[XU[^` US UW _ Y^S`W_`^[aY`W S ^WSVX[^ WV [cW^ SW^_XU[^`WTWX[^W_`[\\ ZY O Wa^S U^W_`_ `aS`WVV[^_S `[`WZWa^S `aTW 4 [^ WVX^[ UW _`S`T^WS[XXX^[ `WZWa^S `aTWS_ `X[^ _ 4 WUW _X^[ ` _VWbW [\ Z`[ZWa^[Z_SZVY S UW _[X SZV SZ a_` Y^S`W[bW^ [ZYV _`SZUW_ O YY^WYS` [Z[ZUWZWa^[Z_ Y^S`W`W a_`S YZ`W _W bW_c ` VWbW [\ ZYZWa^[Z_`S`SbW Y^S`WV`[`W_S WS^WS`[X[^ _`^aU`a^W_ [X`WZW^b[a___`W O W SVW_ [Z [ WUa W_ [US`WV[Z`W_a^XSUW[XZWa^[Z_SZV[`W^ UW _ 4 [` Y^S` [ZSZVSYY^WYS` [ZS^W WV S`WVT`W 4 ZS` [Z[X[ZW`\W[X S_ S^YWWXXWU`[ZT^S ZVWbW [\ WZ` O S\"aZU` [Z\[ Z`_[XU[ZZWU` [ZTW`cWWZSV"SUWZ`ZWa^[Z_ 4 [`S_c VWS__ZS\_W_ 4 S\_S^WT^ VYWVTZS^^[c`aTW_US WVU[ZZW Z_ 4 ÿWZ`W^WTW`cWWZSV"SUWZ`UW _`WS^W\^WbS WZ`Va^ ZYT^S Z VWbW [\ WZ` O [ZY^[c`S[Z_SZVVWZV^ `W_Y^[cX^[ ZWa^S _`^aU`a^W_cWZ ZWa^[Z_SbW Y^S`WVSZVSYY^WYS`WV 4 SbW`[Y^[c`[S\\^[\^ S`W`S^YW`_ O ^[c`U[ZWS``WWZV[XWSUY^[c ZY` \ 4 [WTS W_`^aU`a^W 4 `WZV_SZV^W`^SU`_X ZYW^ WU`[\ S_ UW`WZ_ [ZX [\[V S O SYWŶŵ&[YW^\W^^_ScS[Z_S^WUS\ST W[X\^WU _WY^[c`SZV_`aV WV ` _`^[aYUa`` ZY[\` UZW^bW_[XX^[Y_ O ZS\_WX[^ S` [Z[ZWS[Z_YW``[ Z`WZVWV_ `W_`W a_`W_`ST _ S\\^[\^ S`W\S``W^Z[X_ZS\_W_ 4 SW_S` WS_``c[ZWa^[Z_`[U^WS`W_ZS\_WTW`cWWZ`W 4 _[US WV_ZS\`[YWZW_ _ 4 W\WZV_[Z\^W_WZUW[XY S UW _ 4 ZS\_W_X[^ WV Z`W\^W_WZUW_[XS_`^[U`W_cW^W [_`cW
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