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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Review

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PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Chapter 1 Study NotesPsychology isstudy of behaviour and the factors that influenceBehaviour isactions thoughts feelings reactionsPysch explores the causes for our behaviours and feelings our motives and thoughtsUse a variety of research methods to test theoriesBasic research knowledge purely for its own sakeApplied research designed to solve specific practical problemsExample of research Robbers Cave experiment and the Jigsaw ProgramBasic research Robbers Cave summer camp competition between boys at camp increased hostility and distrustforcing them to work together dissolved boundaries between groupsApplied researchtook knowledge from the Robbers Cave experiment and created the Jigsaw Programapplied Jigsaw program in classroom where students of different backgrounds must work together to succeedGoals of Psychology1Describe how peopleanimals behave2Explainunderstand the causes3Predict how people will behave4Influencecontrol behaviour to enhance human welfareif we can understand we can predictif we can predict we can controlhowever its possible to predict without understandingall 4 can be seen in Robbers Cave experimentapply not just to science but also to lifeCharles Whitmans mass shooting showed 3 different levels of analysis biologicalpsychologicalenvironmentalThere are many different perspectives vantage points for analyzing behaviour and its causes
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