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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Review

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PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Psychology Chapter 8 MemoryMemory refers to the processes that allow us to record and later retrieve experiences and information memory is precious and complexHermann Ebbinghaus 1885 studied the rate at which new information is forgotten and Sir Francis Galton 1883 investigated peoples memories for personal eventsThe mind as a processing system that encodes stores and retrieves information Encodingrefers to getting information into the system by translating it into a neutral code that your brain processes Storagesinvolves retaining information over time Retrievala way to pull information out of storage when we want to use it William James 1890 suggested long ago that memory has distinct yet interacting components one temporary and the other more long lasting Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin 1968 proposed that memory has three major components sensory memory short term or working memory and long term memory RehearsalWorking Sensory EncodingEncodingSensoryLongtermShort termInputRegisters Memory Memory AttentionRetrievalFigure 82 Memory has 3 major components 1 sensory registers which detect and briefly hold upcoming information 2 working memory which processed certain information received from the sensory registers and information retrieved from long term memory and 3 long term memory which stores information for longer periods of time Sensory memoryhold incoming sensory information just long enough for it to be recognized it is composed of different subsystems called sensory registers which are the initial information processors our visual sensory register is called the iconic store the auditory sensory register is called the echoic store echoic memory lasts longer than iconic memory Short term memoryholds the information that we are conscious of at any given time also referred to as working memory because it consciously processes codes and works on information
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