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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Principles of Behaviour Notes

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Chapter 2 PsychologyStudying Behaviour scientificallyScientific principles in psychology Curiosity skepticism and openmindedness are all driving factors behind scientific inquiry2 Approaches to understanding behaviourHindsight Understanding Hindsight means afterthefact understanding Using common sense to understand behaviourUnderstanding through prediction controltheory building Scientists prefer to test their understanding of what causes what more directly Understanding through predictioncontrol experiments of a theoryA good theoryincorporates existing factsobservationsIs testableSupported by findings of new researchConforms to law of parsimony Definingmeasuring variablesOperational Definition defines a variable in terms of the specific procedures used to produce or measure it To define a concept operationally we must be able to measure itSelfReport Measures These measures ask people to report on their own knowledge beliefs feelings experiences or behaviour Done with questionnaires self reports interviews ect May be ruined by not being honest social desirability biasReports by others Parents spouses and teachers who know a person can provide useful info about himherPhysiological measures Scientists are able to measure many aspects of physiological functioning ranging from heart rate blood pressure respiration rate and hormone secretions to electricalbiochemical process in the brainBehavioural Observations Observe peoples directly visible behaviours in either reallife or lab settingsArchival measures alr
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