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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Principles of Behaviour Notes

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PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Chapter 3 Psychology NotesThe Neural Bases of BehaviourNeurons basic building blocks of the nervous system at birth we have about 100 billion Nerve cells are linked together in circuits Each neuron has 3 parts The body which carries genetic materials The dendrites which are branchlike fibers come from body which collect info from other neurons and send messages to the body The Axon extends from one side of the body which conducts electrical impulses away from body to otherneurons More than 200 different types of neurons have been viewed Neurons are supported in their functions by Glial cells which surround neurons and hold them in place Glial cells also manufacture nutrient chemicals that neurons needabsorb waste materials Glial cells protect brain from toxins The bloodbrain barrier prevents any substances from enteringNerve Conduction An Electrochemical Process Neurons generate electricity and they release chemicals Neurons function kind of like batteries in that their own chemical substances are a source of energy Surrounded by salty liquid environment high sodium concentration carries a positive electrical charge Inside the neuron is electrically negative in relative to the outside When in resting statepolarized has resting potential of 70 millivoltes Neuron is surrounded by cell membrane that protects it and operates as selective filterThe Action Potential Suddenextreme changes can occur in neuron resting potential voltageAction Potentialor nerve impulse a sudden reversal in the neuron membrane voltage during which membrane voltage momentarily moves from 70 mV inside to 40 mV Depolarization
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