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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Notes

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PSYC 2410
Boyer Winters

Chapter 2DichotomiesThe Church dominated in the Dark Ages until the Renaissance 14001700 when scientists started to observe facts rather than take them as they were dictatedDescartes resolved the conflict between the two by advocating the philosophy that there are two parts to the universe1Physical matterbehaves according to the laws of nature and is thus a suitable object of scientific investigation2The human mind soul self or spiritwhich lacks physical substance controls human behavior obeys no natural laws Cartesian Dualism was sanctioned by the Roman ChurchEthology the study of animal behavior in the wildFocused on instinctive behaviorsoBehaviors that occur in all like members of a species even when there seems to have been no opportunity for them to have been learnedPhysiological vs psychologicalOliver Sacks the man who fell out of his bedoAsomatognosiadeficiency in the awareness of parts of ones bodyoTypically reflects the left side of the body and results from damage to the right parietal lobeSelfawareness in chimpsoAfter a few days of being exposed to a mirror chimps started to use it to groom themselvesoEach chimp was anesthetized and a red mark was painted on the top eyebrow ridgeoThe chimps responded to the mirror image by attempting to touch the red mark and some even smelt the fingers that had touched itNatureorNurtureHow much of it is genetic and how much of it is the result of experience
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