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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Notes

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PSYC 2410
Boyer Winters

Behavioural Neuroscience Chapter 4 NotesSubstantia nigra small group of nerve cells of a black substancethe nerve cells make dopamineParkinsons Disease occurs when dopamine levels are lowdopamine isnt an effective treatment because it doesnt penetrate the blood brain barrierL dopa penetrates the blood brain barrier and converts into dopamineMembrane potential difference in electrical charge between the inside and the outside of a cellMicroelectrodes intracellular electrodes with tips less than 11000th of a millimetre in diameterResting Potential the steady membrane potential of about 70mV 70mV charge built up across the membrane neuron is polarized changes as the ratio of negative to positive charges is greater inside the neuron than outsideCharge difference the result of the ratio of ions floating in and outside of the cellReasons that the Resting Potential ChangesHomogenizing factors that evenly distribute ions1random motion the ions are in constant random motion and evenly distribute down the concentration gradientmove from high concentration to low concentration2 Electrostatic Pressure accumulation of chargesortend to be dispersed by the like charge repulsion and the opposite charge attractionPassive property of neural membrane that results in the uneven distribution3different permeability to certain ions K and Cl pass readily though the neural membraneNa pass with difficulty protein ions dont pass at all3Ion channels ions pass through the neural membrane at specialized poresK and Cl pass readily though the neural membraneNa pass with difficulty protein ions dont pass at allIons positively and negatively charged particlesKinds of Ions that contribute to the resting potentialSodium NaPotassium KChloride Clnegatively charged protein ions
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