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Developmental PsychologyChapter 1 NotesDevelopmentrefers to systematic continuities and changes in the individual that occur between conception and deathSystematicorderly patterned and relatively enduring so temporary mood swings and other transitory changes in our appearances thoughts and behaviours are therefor excludedContinuitiesways in which we remain the same or continue to reflect our past in developmentDevelopmental Psychologybranch of psychology devoted to identifying and explaining the continuities and changes that individuals display over timeDevelopmentalistany scholar regardless of discipline who seeks to understand the developmental process for example psychologists biologists sociologists anthropologists educatorsWhat Causes Us To Develop1Maturationdevelopmental changes in the body or behaviour that result from the aging process rather than from learning injury illness or other life experience2Learningrelatively permanent change in behaviour or behavioural potential that results from ones experience or practiceWe change in response to our environmentsWhat Goals do Developmentalists Pursue3 Major Goals of Developmental Sciences1Describe development2Explain development3Optimize developmentNormative developmentdevelopmental changes that characterize most or all members of a species typical patterns of developmentIdeographic developmentindividual variations in the rate extent or direction of developmentDevelopmentalistsExplanation Optimize Development Types of Developmentalists
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