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Chapter 1

Developmental Chap.1

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PSYC 2450
Jennifer Mc Taggart

Developmental PsychologyChapter 1 Child Development is the scientific study of processes of change and stability in human childrenDevelopmental scientists study two kinds of change quantitative and qualitativeQuantitative change is a change in number or amount such as in height weight size of vocabulary or frequent of communicationQualitative change is a change in kind structure or organization It is discontinuous It is marked by the emergence of new phenomena that cannot be anticipated easily on the basis of earlier functioningBasic Research kind undertaken purely in a spirit of intellectual inquiry Applied Research addresses a practical problem is less becoming less meaningfulScientists separate the three domains physical development cognitive development and psychosocial development Physical development growth of the body and brain sensory capacities motor skills and health Cognitive development change and stability in mental abilities such as learning memory language thinking moral reasoning and creativity They are closely related to physical and emotional growthPsychosocial development change and stability in personality emotional life and social relationships together This can affect cognitive and physical functioningSocial Construction an idea about nature of reality accepted by members of particular society at a particular time on the basis of shared subjective perceptions o
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