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Chapter 13

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PSYC 2450
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 13 Development of the Self and Social CognitionPg476Self ConceptSocial cognition thinking that people display about thoughts feelings motives and behaviors of themselves and other peopleProprioceptive Feedback sensory information from the muscles tendons and joints that help us locate position of our body and body parts in spaceIe newborns being able to anticipate hand at mouthPersonal Agency recognition that one can be the cause of an event2 month old infants show some sense of personal agency as they are becoming acquainted with there own physical abilities SelfRecognition In InfancySelfRecognitionthe ability to recognize oneself in a mirror or photographOnly at ages 18 24 months can children start selfrecognition this is due to the childs cognitive developmentthey are beginning to internalize their sensorimotor schemes to form mental images Also due to secure attachment to caregiver children that are securely attached outperform insecurely attached childrenParenting practices also influence the age self recognition happens as well as cultural differences in parenting Rouge test A spot of red applies to infants facenose if they wipe it off when looking at self in mirror it implies they have selfrecognition as they realize they have a strange mark on their faceWho Am ICategorical Self classification of the self along social dimensions such as age and sexPreschoolers self concetps about themselves are mostly concrete and phsyciallike saying I have blue eyesor I have a bike but have a rudimentary psychological awareness of themselves long before they can express it in traitsMiddle School childrens self conceptinclude more inner qualitiestraits values and beliefs This is a shift to more abstract portrayal of selfAdolescents recognize that they are not the same in every situation that they encounter o False Self Behaviors acting in ways that do not reflect ones true self or true me
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