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PSYC 2450
Anneke Olthof

LECTURE 11INTRODUCTION TO CHILD DEVELOPMENTAssumptions about children behind common practices such as movie ratings hiring a babysitter etcaNot mature enough to handle contentbCant distinguish between reality and fantasycAbsorb information and head start developmentdCant take care of themselvesThese assumptions arose from word of mouth media personal experiences expert opinions and research evidence2WHAT IS DEVELOPMENTThe study of continuities and changes in an individual that occur between conception and deathChanges are systematic they are orderly and permanentQUESTIONS RESEARCHERS ASK How do we change over time How do we stay the sameCauses of change include maturation which is the hereditary influences on the aging process and is shared by humans it is our biological programmingAnother cause of change is learning which brings about a change in behavior due to experienceGoals of developmentalistsaDescription to paint a picture at differing ages of normative general development or ideographic individual developmentbExplanation why do individuals develop differentlycOptimization take information learned and apply it to the real world 3CHRONOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENT
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