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University of Guelph
PSYC 2450
Mark Juhasz

Society and Environment Reading Notes Chapter 3 the resources of the Earth Sources and SinksLAND AND SOILSoil is formed from minerals derived from the breakup and weathering of rocks combined with deposits of organic material derived from wastes and the dead and decaying remains of plants and animalsSoil is a variable mix of inorganic and organic compounds so is a living layer of the biosphere Topsoil layers are rich with nutrients necessary for primary producers to carry on photosynthesis98 of human food is produced on landAgriculture increases the rate at which soil and silt is carried into the oceanaccelerating erosion of topsoil and nutrientsdeclining crop and livestock yields1990 Global Assessment of Soil Degradation reduced soil depthwater retention organic matter humus reduced nutrients Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association Soil and FoodExtensification growth of food output from expanding cultivated land areaIntensification Increasing food productivity through technology BrownGrowing irrigation of marginal and semiarid land in MDCs and LDCs Increasing capital and technical intensity of agriculture This required large amounts of fuel energyIntensive agriculture destroyed traditional methods Copious food production has led to farming that overdraws and degrades natural resources to maximize production Present and Future Status of the Worlds SoilsCrosson and Rosenberg Ever larger population could be fed by cultivating the remaining arable land upgrading production and increasing world trade in food to those regions with food deficitsGlobal Assessment of Soil Degradation GLASOD found 17 of vegetated land area has undergone humaninduced degradation and 10 has been severely degraded through overgrazing livestock poor farming practices and deforestation 8 causes by urban and industrial pollutionUS and Canada encourage the conversion of erodible land to grassland or woodland and penalize farmers who fail to manage soil responsibly by denying them the benefits from the government farm programs
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