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Chapter 10

Cognitive Psychology Chapter 10

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PSYC 2650
Dan Meegan

Chapter 10 12/12/2012 2:23:00 PM Words and the Nature of Linguistic Rules - A typical high school grad knows around 45000 words - College grads know around 75000 to 100000 words - You can use morphemes to alter words as they enter your vocabulary, allowing you to use these words in new ways - Rules at stake are often called prescriptive rules which describe how language is supposed to be - Descriptive rules characterize the language as it is ordinarily used by fluent speakers and listeners - We examine language competence over language performance, with competence defined as the pattern of skills and knowledge that might be revealed under optimal curcimstances - One way to reveal this competence is via linguistic judgments; people are asked to reflect on ones structure or another and to tell us whether they find the strcture acceptable or not - Judgments about languages are metalinguistic judgments and are members of the category of metacognitive judgments; these are judgments that one must stand back from a particular mental activity and comment on the activity, rather than participate in it - Childrens spontaneous speech contains many over-regularization errors - A noun phrase consists of a determiner followed by an ajective, followed by a noun, - Phrase structure rules have an important features called recursion; a rule system is recursive if a symbol can appear both on the left side of a definition and on the right side - Phrase-structure ambiguity refers to the fact that sometimes two different phrase structures can lead to the same sequence of words so that you may not know which phrase structure is intended if you encounter those words - Movement rules allow you to reshape the structure of a sentence; allows you to shift the focus of
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