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Anneke Olthof

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013 Cognitive  Cognition started as study of what you know; now relationship between what we know and how we think (we make inferences based on what we know in order to understand something – think piggy bank example)  H.M – severe epilepsy so they took out the hippocampus; led to amnesia (no new memories) therefore everything was like hearing or seeing something for the first time History  Birth of psychology: wundt and his student tichener studied experimental psych  Late 1800s focusing on conscious mental events  To figure out how we think they came up with introspection o Process through which one “looks within” to observe and record the contents of one’s own mental life o Trained to be unbiased with word choice o Problems:  Much of mental activity is unconscious thus not available to method of introspection  Claims derived from introspection are subjective and not testable (it’s still someone reporting on their own experience) – think who’s got the worst headache? How could you ever tell...  Focus of psychology changed to scientific track (malleable and measurable things) mentalistic approach became taboo – focus on things objectively studied o Behaviourism – uncovered principles of how behaviour changes in response to stimuli, such as rewards and punishment (if you have a certain stimuli then you know the response) o Problems:  behaviour cannot be understood only in terms of stimuli and response  Behaviourism depends on things like perception, understanding, interpretation and strategy – think speech stimuli; diff stimuli
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