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PSYC 2650
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 1Memory understanding of stories and conversation are dependent on recalling known information Memory of past actions helps us to define who we are Emotional adjustment is affected by memory Concentration DecisionsWUNDTTITCHENER psychology separate from philosophybiology Focus should be on conscious mental eventsthoughts perceptions and recollections Earlier on believed the only way to study is through introspection of ones self and the content of own mental lives experiencesProblemsSome thoughts unconscious making introspection limited Also there was no way to fully test claims to decipher full validity Example how do two people decipher between the pains of headaches You can only feel your own pain and the way youthe other subject describes the pain is very subjective and can be influenced by many thingsBEHAVIOURISM ScientificthConsidering the world as it actually is First half of 20 centuryBehaviours are objectively observable Stimuli utilized are measurable recordable physical eventsrecords patterns and learning history over timeBeliefs wishes goals and expectations do not have a place in behaviourism as they are subjectiveBeginnings of learning theoryPeoples actions and feelings are influenced by how THEY interoperate the situation This leads to misunderstanding with regard to why people act a certain way and how they will act in the futureStimulus the physicality of a stimulus such as pass the salt vs I need some ions provoke a similar result of passing salt How ever physically similar stimuli such as sass the palt will not evoke the same responseWorking Memory memory used for information you are activelycurrently working on hypothesized to only have a small capacity although information is easily accessible Span test the ability to recall a certain amount of things right away generally caps at 7 or 8 as far as accuracy Example when asked to remember and repeat 5 letters said to you it will most likely be easy past 7 it will be increasingly difficult to do without error People make sound alike errors with letters rather than look alike even when visually shown a set of lettersWorking memory is a system of its own Central ex
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