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PSYC 2650

The Science of the MindThe Scope of Cognitive Psychologyy When cognitive psychology was first launched understood as scientific study of knowledgey Generally out understanding of stories or ordinary conversations depends on our memory y Clinical amnesia provide facts and insights into our memoryHMMemory loss side effect of brain surgery for his epilepsyNo trouble remembering events prior to surgery but could not remember any event that occurred after his operation but couldnt recall anything that happened since the surgeryRemembered things from before his surgery ie president family deaths etcUnable to know who he wasHe didnt remember what his goals were or if he should be proud of his accomplishments Couldnt tell if he had been clever or stupidNo memory no sense of selfy Cognitive psychologytopics are relevant to broad range of concerns memory affects everythingo Scientific study of the acquisition retention and use of knowledge o Selfconcept depends on knowledge particularly episodic knowledge o Emotional adjustments rely on memories o May help us understand capacities relevant to every single aspect of our livesA Brief Historyy Modern form it is about 50 years old o Still able to have an enormous impacto Cognitive revolution within psychologytook place 1950s and 1960s represented change in the style of research and theorizing employed by most psychologists o New style initially intended for studying problems like memory decision making etcspread out to other domains and provided important insights to these domainsThe Years of Introspectionthy Late 19 century scholarsnotably Wundt and student Bradford Titchnerlaunched new enterprise of research psychology
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