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Chapter 12

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

Chapter 12 Cognitive Topics in PersonalityPersonality revealed through perceptionWitkin devised an apparatus called the Rod and Frame Test the participant sits in a darkened room and is instructed to watch a glowing rod surrounded by a square frame which is also glowing The experimenter can adjust the tilt of the rod the frame and the participants chair The participants task is to adjust the rod by turning a dial so that the rod is perfectly upright the participant has to ignore cues in the visual field in which the rod appearsIf the participant adjusts the rod so that it is leaning in the direction of the titled frame then that person is said to be dependent on the visual field or field dependent Other people instead disregard the external cues and use information from their bodies in adjusting the rod to upright and they are field independent and rely on their own sensations not on the perception of the field to make the judgmentField independent students tend to favour natural sciences math and engineering whereas field dependent students favour social sciences and educationFielddependent people rely on social information and ask other people their opinions and are attentive to social cues and are oriented towards other people fieldindependent people function with more autonomy and display a more impersonal or detached ori
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