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Chapter 13

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PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

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Chapter 13: Emotion and Personality Personality Psychology March 1 , 2012 What are Emotions? - Emotions: can be defined as three components: o First, emotions have distinct subjective feelings, or affects, associated with them. o Second, emotions are accompanied by bodily changes, mostly in the nervous system, and these produce associated changes in breathing, heart rate, muscle tension, blood chemistry and facial and bodily expressions. o Third, emotions are accompanied by action tendencies: increases in the probabilities of certain behaviours. - Emotional State: o Depends more on the situation a person is in than on the specific person. o I.e. A man is angry because he was treated unfairly. - Emotional Trait: o A pattern of emotional reactions that a person consistently experiences across a variety of life situations. o I.e. We expect Mary to be cheerful at home, work and at school. - Categorical Approach: o Researchers who think that primary emotions are key. (anger, sadness, joy) o Pr
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