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Chapter 6

Developmental Psych Chapter 6

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PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

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Chap 6 summary Psyc *2450* *story on Helen Keller 3-4m = teething (1yr=6-8 teeth, 2.5 yr. = appx. 20 teeth) 6m = 20/20, sit without support 15m= build tower of blocks Growth and Nutrition Faster period of growth (especially first few months) 3-4m = teething (1yr=6-8 teeth, 2.5 yr. = appx 20 teeth) Physical growth follows cephocaudal (head to tail) and proximodal (inner to outer) principle Nourishment Breastfeeding – illnesses prevented or minimized by breastfeeding(baby) = diarrhea, respiratory infections, oititis media (middle ear infection), staphylococcal, bacteria and UTIs, and can reduce postneonatal death (28 d – 1y) – -benefits for mom = less postpartum bleeding, quicker physical recovery, earlier return to previous weight, less risk of breast cancer n ovarian cancer, less risk of osteoporosis n hip fractures - can be dangerous if mother has AIDS(can be transmitted thru milk), any other infectious illnesses, taking drugs or alcohol The Brain CNS – central nervous system – brain and spinal cord Brain growth spurts – periods of rapid growth and development PET – positron emission tomography Lateralization – tendency of each of the brains hemispheres to have specialized functions (left hem/right) Left hemisphere – language and logical thinking Right hemisphere – visual and spatial functions (map reading and drawing) Brain is composed of neurons and glial cells Neurons – nerve cells (send receive info) Glial cells – protect and support myelination – processes of coating neurons with a fatty substances (myelin) that enables faster communication between cells reflex behavior – automatic, involuntary, innate responses to stimulation *once nerves are myelinated, shift to volu
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