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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Personality and Health

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

Chapter 12Personality and HealthCoping with Sensory Deprivation and Sensation SeekingZuckerman 1969 o Matters whether a person is introvert or extrovertExtroverts do much better in sensory deprivation situations o Posited initially that each person has an optimal level of stimulation or arousal o Created Sensation Seeking Scale to distinguish high and low sensation seekersHighEngaged in various forms of thrill and adventure seeking including a greater tendency to use drugs in an attempt to combat feelings of boredomPersonality and Coping StylesWhen it comes to coping some people are much more effective than others and people with certain personality styles are more capable at withstanding stressConsider the role of personality in how stressful situations are cognitively interpreted o Same stressful experience or situation may be experienced quite differently by different peopleHigh in neuroticism and prone to experience anxiety are probably going to perceive obvious stressors as threats but these same people interpret ambiguous situations as major threatsPrimary Appraisals vs Secondary AppraisalsRichard Lazarus and Susan Folkman 1984 proposed on of the most influential models of stress o Made key distinctions between primary appraisal and secondary appraisalPrimary Appraisalinvolve assessing whether the event is a threat or a challengeSecondary Appraisalpersonal evaluation of whether the person feels that he or she has the ability to cope with the event o Distinctions is important because personality factor may be associated with secondary appraisals and not primary ones or vice versaNeuroticism associated with negative processing bias that is focused on perceived threat Extroversion is associated with a positive processing bias focused on challengesProblemFocused EmotionalFocused and AvoidanceFocused CopingCopinggenerally as the ways in which people try to deal with a problem or handle the emotions that arise in response to the problemCertain personality traits are linked with certain coping styles is a way of showing that person
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