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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Personality Intro

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PSYC 2740
Stephen Lewis

Chapter 1Personality An IntroductionWhat is PersonalityRefers to relatively stable individual differences that are believed to present early in life and involves characteristics that generalize across time and across situationsDerived from the ancient Greek wordmeaning persona Refers to the masks that Greek actors would wear according to which character they were portraying o Much of our personality is inside us and we carry it around with us the term personality actually refers to the external styles of expression that are on display for other people to seeA person interested in the study of personality is called a personologist o Have a great interest in finding out how people differ and why they differThe Goals of Personality Research3 main goals o DescriptionDescribe personality differences as completely as possible o ExplanationExplain personality differencesMost important o PredictionMake predictions about personality in the future based on what is currently known about personalityPersonality Goals from an Idiographic Versus Nomothetic PerspectiveNomothetic Perspective o Gathering a small amount of data from a relatively large sample in the hopes of identifying general laws or principles o Variablecentered approach that may tell us whether one variable relates to another variable o Looks at personality from normative perspective o Describe the extent to which 2 variables are related description and explain why they are related explanation try to confirm the relative ability of the variables to predict a third variable predictionIdiographic perspective o Gatheri
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