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Chapter 4

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PSYC 3020
Dan Yarmey

Chapter 4: Deception POLYGRAPH TECHNIQUE Types of Polygraph Tests  The Comparison Question Test (CQT; aka Control Question Test): includes a pretest interview then a series of questioning (irrelevant questions that are unrelated to the crime, relevant questions related to the crime being investigated, and comparison questions concerning the person’s honesty and past history prior to the event being investigated) and finally a post-test interview  The Concealed Information Test (CIT): designed to determine if the person knows details about the crime in question; series of questions in m/c format, each question has 1 critical option (the correct option) and 3 foil options (could fit the crime but are incorrect); the guilty suspect is expected to have a higher physiological response to the correct answer than the incorrect answers (reacting more strongly to information that is familiar); most common response tested is palm sweating Validity of Polygraphs  Laboratory studies – voluntary subjects are either in the mock crime group or the control g
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