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Chapter 10

Psychology of Law Chapter 10

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PSYC 3020
Dan Yarmey

S\`W^ŵŴ [W_`U[WZUW „[W_`U[ WZUW O Zb[ WZUW[UUa^^ZYTW`cWWZXS WTW^_ O \US [UUa^_Z\^bS`W_W``ZY_ O îZSZSVS `` WS``WZ`[Z\^[^ŵŴ_ 4 ¦[WZ_ TW^S`[Z[bWWZ`SZV`WY^[c`[XXWZ_`S`YSbW c[WZ`WU[a^SYW`[_\WS[a` O [ WZUWSYSZ_`\S^`ZW^__bS^WVZ`W^_[X`\W_SZV_WbW^` 4 _US 4 WaS 4 ZSZUS 4 [`[ZS a_TSZVS``W^ZY„[W__` O î_V[W_`Ub[ WZUWZbS^ST WS W"[^WZ`WV# 4 [ 4 ¦[WZWZYSYWZ_SWS[aZ`[Xb[ WZ` 4 ¦[WZWZYSYWZ[^WZ[^b[ WZUW O „[S W__aXXW^SZ_W^[a_U[Z_W]aWZUW_[XXWS W"Z`S`WVb[ WZUW# 4 ÑW_ 4 WZ_aXXW^[^W_W^[a_Z%a^W_ O î_`W^WSYWZVW^TS_Z\[ UW^W_\[Z_W_`[V[W_`Ub[ WZUW# 4 ÑW_ 4 WZUS^YWV[^W`SZc[WZcWZ`W^WcS_SZZ%a^`[\S^`ZW^ O „[`WU[a^`_`^WS`WZSZVc[WZUS^YWVc`V[W_`Ub[ WZUW`W_SWcS# 4 [ 4 ¦[WZ[^W W `[SbWUS^YW_V^[\\WVSZVZ[`X[aZVYa ` W[^W_[XîZ`S`W[ WZUW O S`^S^U 4 ^[SV_W`[XUa `a^S TW WX_SZVbS aW_`S`_a\\[^``WS WV[ZSZUW[X c[WZ 4 [W^W_WS^UW^_TW WbWS\S`^S^US _[UW`U[Z`^Ta`W_`[`WV[W_`U S__Sa `[Xc[WZTWZ O [US \S`^S^U 4 S WV[ZS`[ZS``W_[US WbW O S S \S`^S^U 4 S WV[ZS`[Zc`Z`WXS O S`^S^U W ZX aWZUW_`WVWbW [\WZ`[XZVbVaS W\WU`S`[Z_ST[a``W S\\^[\^S`W WbW [XSa`[^`c`ZZ`S`W^W S`[Z_\_ O [US WS^ZZY`W[^ 4 W[^[XaSZTWSb[a^TS_WV[Z WS^ZZYX^[cS`UZY[`W^_Z`W _[US WZb^[ZWZ`SZV^WZX[^UWWZ`U[Z`ZYWZUW_ - ^YZ_[XSYY^W__[Z O T_W^bS`[ZS WS^ZZY" WS^ZZYTWSb[a^_TcS`UZY [`W^_\W^X[^`W_WTWSb[a^_ 4 S [X[^YZ 4 W_aTUa `a^W`W\W^_[Z bW_Z 4 W Wb_WVb[ WZUW - îZ_`YS`[^_[XSYY^W__[Z O îZ_`YS`[^_"`W_WS^WWbWZ`_Z`WWZb^[ZWZ``S`SU`S_S _`a a_X[^SU]a^WVTWSb[a^_ 4 bW^_bWZ_`YS`[^_ - ^[VaUWW[`[ZS S^[a_S SZV[cS\W^_[Z STW _`S`W[`[ZS S^[a_S c ZX aWZUW [c`W^W_\[ZV 4 îZUWZ`bWZ_`YS`[^_ - W^UWbWV^WcS^V_X[^WZYSYZYZSYY^W__[Z - WYa S`[^_[^SYY^W__[Z O WYa S`[^_"U[Z_W]aWZUW_[XTWSb[a^_ 4 `W^ZS \aZ_WZ` 4 W X"\aZ_WZ`
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