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Chapter 2

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PSYC 3020
Dan Yarmey

CHAPTER 2Police Selection Procedure A set of procedures used by the police to either screen out undesirable candidates or select in desirable candidates A Brief history of police selectionConsidered one of the earliest examples Lewis Terman in 1917 used the StanfordBinet Intelligence Test to assist with police selection in CaliforniaBy the mid1950s psychological and psychiatric screening procedures of the police applicants became a standard part of the selection procedure in several major police forcesAll Canadian police agencies currently conduct background checks of their applicants and require medical exams Most Canadian police agencies use a range of cognitive ability and personality tests in their selection process such as RCMPs Police Aptitude Test and the Six Factor Personality Questionnaire which measures conscientiousness The Police Selection ProcessIn general terms there are two separate stages to this process Stage one is referred to as the job analysis stage Here the agency must define the knowledge skills and abilities KSAs of a goof police officer Stage two is referred to as the construction and validation stage In this stage the agency must develop an instrument for measuring the extent to which police applicants possess these KSAs A crucial part of this stage also requires that the agency determine the instruments validity or the extent to which the scores on the instrument actually relate to measures of actual onthejob police performanceConducting a Job Analysis o Job Analysis A procedure for identifying the knowledge skills and abilities that make a good police officer o One of the major problems that can be encountered is that the KSAs of a good police officer may not be stable over time making it difficult to determine what the selection procedures should be testing for o Regardless of how the job analysis is conducted the following KSAs are typically viewed as essential honesty reliability sensitivity to others good communication skills high motivation problemsolving skills and being a team player Constructing and Validating Selection Instruments o The measure of validation that we are most interested in is referred to as predictive validity which is our ability to use a selection instrument to predict how applicants will perform in the future o Arguably the most serious problem relates to how we measure the performance of police officers
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