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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 Pg239256 Abnormal PsychologyAgreement that abnormal behavior has a biological basisProminent approach to abnormal behavior AB is called the medical model which considers it to be like any other diseaseLabeling AB as a disease assumes understanding of its causes and treatment a theory which is lacking th Classification of behavioral disorder DSMIV diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 4 edition APAAdopts a nontheoretical approach to classificationAn evolutionary perspective on the causes of mental illness1 Some may not be disorders but defenses Ex Fever 2 Some are side effects of genes with fitness benefits Ex Schizophrenia 3 Result of frequencydependent selection Ex Sociopathy 4 Absence or malfunctioning of a particular module Ex Defective colour vision5 Mismatch between the current environment and the one that prevailed over much of human evolution Ex Posttraumatic stress disorder 6 Some disorders represent the extremes of the distribution of polygenic traits Ex Clinical depressionsome disorders may reflect more than one cause A survey of mental disorders Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD15 of US Vietnam veterans suffered from PTSDDSMIV recognized PTSD as a reaction to events so powerful they threaten life or wellbeing overwhelm coping capabilitiesDuring WWI PTSD was called shell shockrailway spine term used to describe people who had survived railway accidents PTSD is a mental health problem not primarily a physiological one but it is not all in the headTornadoes cyclones and volcanoes PTSD in 10 of people natural disastersAirplane crashes dam floodings and automobile accidents PTSD in 2050 of people human engineeredModern society is capable of organizing disasters on a scale of horror not known to our ancestors DepressionThe common cold of psychology because so many people ex
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