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Chapter 13

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PSYC 3110
Kieran O' Doherty

October 18, 2012 p. 293-303, 306-313 Risk and Risk Control Screening • Sections of population that are considered more at risk of developing a particular disease are examined to see whether they have any early indications of that disease Screening for Cancer • Earlier detection of breast cancer better survival • Favour mammography for accuracy • Majority of breast cancer is discovered by women themselves • High distress, harmful effects of radiation, and overdiagnosis Health Beliefs and Cancer Screening • Perceived susceptibility and perceived barriers • Most women do not feel cancer screening is necessary • Previous experience of breast self-examination was the best predictor of the practice • Deficit model: explain non-participation in screening o Those who don’t use service lack knowledge and concern about their health Immunization • Large proportion are not immunized against certain diseases Psychological Models of Immunization • Dimensions of Risk o Likelihood o Susceptibility o Severity • Effect sizes were smaller for medical personnel – lower perceived risk • Regret and worry were stronger predictors of vaccination than perceived risk Socio-cultural Context of Immunization Health Care Providers and Immunization • Family doctors played a role in spreading fear about particular vaccines Immunization Among Children • Mothers with low education, living alone, with large families, or have a sick child were the best predictors of non- immunization • Fear of aversive effect • Perceived relative risk • Natural/unnatural distinctio
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