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Chapter 3

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3250
Jeffrey Spence

Chapter 3: The Meaning of Test Scores - test scores – mathematical representation of the performance or ratings of the individuals completing a test - raw score – simple the number of items scored or codded in a specific manner such as correct/incorrect, true/false, and so on o calculations are easy o limited use to those interpreting the test results, tend to offer very little useful information  need to transform or convert them into another format to facilitate their interpretation and give them greater meaning • transformed scored – derived scores, standard scores, or scaled scores o derived scores – norm-referenced or criterion-referenced - Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Score Interpretations - norm-referenced scores interpretations – examinee’s performance is compared to the performance of other people o examples - intelligence and personality tests o relative o many applications and the majority of published standardized tests - criterion-referenced score interpretations – examinee is compared to a specific level of performance o examples - school test exam o absolute o application in educational settings - these are interpretations of tests, not tests themselves although you can have both types of scores in a test Norm-Referenced Interpretations Norms and Reference Groups - raw scores on the test are typically converted to derived scores based on information about the performance of a specific normative or reference group - important consideration o relevance of the group of individuals to whom the examinee’s performance is compared - reference group – should be representative of the type of individuals expected to take the test or the group to which the examinee is to be compared or referenced - reference group defined o random sample is selected and tested - normal standardization sample – normative reference used to create this derived
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