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Chapter 1

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PSYC 3300
Carol Anne Hendry

Chapter 1 Notes IntroductionDefinition of TermsSex refers to the biological categories of female and male categories distinguished by genes chromosomes and hormones culture has no influence on ones sexGender refers to the social categories of male and femaledistinguished from each other by a set of psychological features and role attributes that society has assigned to the biological category of sex Sexrelated behaviour the behaviour corresponds to sex but it does not say anything about the cause or the etiology of the difference Role social position accompanied by a set of norms or expectationsIntrarole conflict occurs when expectations within a role conflictwomen who act like men are applauded and men who act like women are looked down and it is believed this is due to statuswomen who act like men are moving up in status and men who act like women are moving down in status aka the status of man is higher than that of woman
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