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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Notes - Gender-Role Attitudes.docx

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PSYC 3300
Carol Anne Hendry

Chapter 3 Notes: Gender-Role Attitudes Attitudes Toward Men’s and Women’s Roles Gender ideologies: attitudes towards men’s and women’s work - tradition gender ideology is that men’s sphere is work and women’s sphere is the home - egalitarian gender ideology maintains that power is distributed equally between women and men and women and men identify equally with the same spheres - transitional ideology is that it is acceptable for women to devote energy to both work and family domains, but women should hold proportionally more of their energy on work - most widely used instrument to measure attitudes toward gender roles is the Attitudes Towards Women Scale (ATWS) - most people fit into the transitional category of gender attitudes - compared to Caucasians, African Americans have less traditional attitudes about women working outside the home Affective Component Sexism - sexism can consist of positive or negative feelings Hostile Sexism: feelings of hostility toward women Benevolent sexism: reflects positive feelings toward women, including a prosocial orientation toward women (e.g. the desire to help women) - men who score high on hostile sexism scale view women as challenging their superiority - men who score high on benevolent sexism scale feel strongly that they should protect women, hence a negative side to benevolent sexism (women need protection from men) Benevolent discrimination: men providing more help to women than men - males and non-whites score higher on scales of homophobia Cognitive Component: Gender-Role Stereotyping Category-based expectancies: occur when you do not know much about a person except for the category to which he or she belongs (such as the category of sex) Target-based expectancies: the perceptions you have about a person
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