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Chapter 12

Textbook Notes Chapter 12 PGS 288-296

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PSYC 3310
Jennifer Dobson

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1 Prof: Jennifer Dobson CHAPTER 12: Pg. 288-296 - One of the goals of community psychology is to analyze social change and to guide social action toward resolving social problems community psychologists seek to create positive change at the community and societal level in order to create a better world and prevent problems in the future. Checkoway (1995) proposed six different strategies for achieving such change: o 1. Mass mobilization. This describes temporary movements in which large numbers of people are amassed to bring attention to particular societal issues or problems o 2. Social action. Social action strives to create powerful organizations at the community level, often through the development and activities of “grassroots organizations. o 3. Citizen participation. This strategy aims to get citizens involved in their communities o 4. Public advocacy. This usually involves lobbying or applying pressure on public officials to pass laws or influence social policies o 5. Popular education. Educating and disseminating information to community members can be an important strategy for changing attitudes and beliefs and possibly even behaviors o 6. Local services development. This refers to a process whereby people provide services to their own local community, which serves the dual function of empowering community members and providing needed services. - The idea b
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