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Chapter 18

Abnormal Psychology Chapter 18

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PSYC 3390
Mary Manson

Chapter 18 12/7/2012 4:57:00 PM Perspectives on Prevention - Universal prevents are efforts that are aimed at influencing the general population - They perform two key tasks: altering conditions that can cause or contribute to mental disorders and establishing conditions that foster positive mental health - Physically disabled, divorced, elderly, physically abused children and people who have been uprooted form their homes are all at high risk - The first requirement for psychosocial health is that a person develop the skills needed for solving problems effectively, expressing emotions constructively, and engaging in satisfying relationships with others - Second requirement is that a person acquire an accurate frame of reference on which to build their identity - And finally, a person should be prepared for the types of problems likely to be encountered during given life stages - Selective interventions are aimed at a specific subgroup of the population considered at risk for developing mental health problems - These strategies have been introduced to attempt to address the problem of drug abuse: interdicting and reducing the supply of drugs available, providing treatment services for those who develop drug problems and encouraging prevention - Indicated interventions are directed to high risk individuals who are identified as having minimal but detectable symptoms of mental disorder but do not meet criteria for clinical diagnosis - The general therapeutic principles to milieu therapy include: staff expectations are clearly communicated to patients; both positive and negative feedback are used to encourage appropriate verbalizations and actions by patients/patients are encouraged to become involved in all
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