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PSYC 3390
Mary Manson

Abnormal Psychology Chapter 1 Abnormal Psychology An OverviewFamily aggregation whether a disorder runs in familiesAbout 20 percent of Canadians will suffer from a mental disorder at some point in their lives with anxiety disorders being especially commonWHAT DO WE MEAN BY ABNORMAL BEHAVIOURDouble blind study neither the participants nor the experimenter who was working with the participants knew who got the genuine magnetsThe Elements of Abnormality Suffering Maladaptive behaviours DeviancyViolation of the standards of society Social discomfort Irrationality and unpredictabilityAt the most fundamental level classification systems provide us with a nomenclaturea naming system and enable us to structure information in a more helpful mannerDisadvantages of Classification Stigma Stereotyping labellingSymptom A symptom is a single indicator of a problem It can involve affecte g sad mood anxiousness behaviourproblems sleeping lethargy or cognitionexcessive worry suicidal thoughtsSyndrome A syndrome is a group or cluster of symptoms that all occur together For example sad or depressed mood problems sleeping concentration problems weight loss and suicidal thinking are all symptoms that reflect the syndrome of depression Note that in the case of depression depression can be a symptomwhen it refers to depressed mood It is also the name of the syndromeDSM IV Definition of Mental DisordersAssociated with distress or disabilityi e impairment in one or more important areas of functioning Not simply a predictable and culturally sanctioned response to a particular evente g the death of a loved one Considered to reflect behavioural psychological or biological dysfunction in the individualWakefields definitionA mental disorder is a mental condition that causes significant distress or disability is not merely an expectable response to a particular event and is a manifestation of a mental dysfunctionCulture Specific Disorders o Taijin kyofusho This syndrome which is a form of anxiety disordersee Chapter 6 is quite prevalent in Japan It involves a marked fear that ones body body parts or body functions may offend or embarrass others or make them feel uncomfortable Often people with this disorder are afraid of blushing or fear upsetting others by their gaze facial expression or body odour o some individuals of Latino Caribbean and Latin Mediterranean origin is ataque de nervios often triggered by a stressful event like divorce or loss of a loved one include crying trembling uncontrollable screaming and a general feeling of being out of control Sometimes the person may become aggressive physically or verbally In other cases the person may faint or experience something that looks like a seizure Once the ataque is over the person may quickly return to normal and have no memory of what happened HOW COMMON ARE MENTAL DISORDERSit is generally found that women with depression outnumber men with depression by a ratio of about 2 1Epidemiology is the study of the distribution of diseases disorders or health related behaviours in a given population
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