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Chapter 18

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PSYC 3390
Mary Manson- Hennig

1Chapter 18 CONTEMPORARY AND LEGAL ISSUES IN ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY PERSPECTIVE ON PREVENTIONIn the past the concepts primary secondarytertiary prevention were widely used in public health efforts to describe general strategies of prevention Prevention efforts are not classified into three subcategories o 1 Universal interventions efforts that are aimed at influencing the general population o 2 Selective interventions efforts that are aimed at a specific subgroup of the population considered at risk for developing mental health problems o 3 Indicated interventions efforts that are directed to highrisk individuals who are identified as having minimal but detectable symptoms of mental disorder but who do not meet criteria for clinical diagnosisUNIVERSAL INTERVENTIONSperform 2 key tasks o 1 Altering conditions that can cause or contribute to mental disorders risk factors o 2 Establishing conditions that foster positive mental health protective factorsepidemiological studies help find information about incidence and distribution of mental illnesses and maladaptive behaviours They can then be used to suggest prevention effortsprogram that may be most appropriate Universal prevention is very broad and includes biological psychosocial and sociocultural effortso Biological StrategiesBegin with promoting adaptive lifestyles Physical illness often produces some sort of psychological stress that can result in such problems as depression so with respect to good mental health maintaining good physical health is prevention o Psychosocial StrategiesPeople need opportunities to learn physical intellectual emotional and social competencies 1 The first requirement for psychosocial health is that a person develop skills needed for solving problems effectively express emotions constructively and engage in satisfying relationships with others 2 A person needs to acquire an accurate frame of reference on which to build his or her identity 3 A person be prepared for the types of problems likely to be encountered during given life stageso Sociocultural Strategies
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