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Chapter 10

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3390
Mary Manson- Hennig

Abnormal Psychology 412012 44100 PM Chapter 10 pg 350360 360375o Behavioural medicine field that focuses on the role that psychological factors play in the occurrence maintenance and orevention of medical problemsInvolves professionals from many disciplinesTake into account biological psychological and sociocultural influences o Health psychology psychological subspecialty in behavioural medicineDeals with diagnosis treatment and prevention of the psychological components of medical problemsHas notable impact on clinical medicine o Behavioral medicine concerned with a psychological factors that may predispose an individual to physical illness o eg Critical life events types of behaviour b how negative effects of stress can be reduced or buffered by personal resources o eg Coping styles social supports c biological mechanisms that human physiology is altered by stressors o particularly maladaptive behaviours and stress on immune endocrine gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems d psychological processes in health choices made with respect to hazardous lifestyles healthcare decisions and preventative regimens e factors that determine compliance with sound medical advice o relationship between medical practitioner cultural factors personal factors f effectiveness of psychological measures in altering lifestyles and reducing illness o eg Health education and behaviour modification o psychophysiological disorders psychological factors that play a role in disordersused to be called psychosomatic disorders o DSMIVTR Mental disorders to a general medical conditionUsed when a medical condition has played a direct role in the development of a psychological disorder o Eg Underactive thyroids can cause depression o DSMIVTR psychological factors affecting a medical conditionPsychological factors can play a told in development aggravation or maintenance of physical problemsPsychological Factors in Health and Diseaseo Stress response involves biological changes that prepares the organism for a fight or flight reactionBegins in the hypothalamusStimulates sympathetic nervous system sNSAdrenal glands secrete adrenaline or noradrenalinCirculate in blood
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