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Chapter 6

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3390
Mary Manson- Hennig

Chapter 6 Panic Anxiety and their DisorderNeurotic behaviour maladaptiveselfdefeating but still has touch w reality coherentnot dangerousEg A electrician who has many worries constantly worries about the health of his parents whether he is a good father or his wife will ever leave him etchas many physical probs sweating palms heart palpitations ringing of the ears etc Neuroses Freud a psyc disorder resulted by significant anxiety due to intrapsychic conflict The fearanxiety response patterns each associated w aof distinct anxiety disorder syndromes Distinction no complete agreement but classified by their sources of danger if danger is obvious snake then the experienced emotion is fear if cant specify clearly unpredictableunpleasant health it is anxietyFear aka panic basic emotion that involves activation of the fightor flight response of autonomic nervous system sys3 components loosely coupled dont need to happen together 1 Cognitivesubjective I am gonna diefeel terrified 2 Physiological HR increasingheavy breathing 3 Behavioural strong urge to escapeflee Anxiety more diffuse blend of emotions that includes high levels of negative affect worry about possible threatdangerthe sense of being unable to predict threatcontrol it if it occurs 3 components same as fearhappen together1 Involve negative mood worries selfpreoccupation sense of lose control 2 Create a State of tensionchronic overarousal 3 Avoidant tendencybehaviour but not immediate urge to fleePros mildmoderate degree helps planprepare for possible threats enhance learningperformanceConditionable sources of fearanxiety are learned eg A girl becomes anxietyfear to face w her father after seeing couple times of abuse that he did to her momOverview of the anxiety disorders and their commonalitiesAnxiety disordersOld viewshave anxietypanicboth at their core Initially considered a subset of the neuroses but recent version of the DSMIIIDSMIVTR have largely abandoned this termNew views unrealistic irrational fearsanxieties of disabling intensityPrimary 7 typesspecific phobia social phobia panic disorder w or wout agoraphobia generalized anxiety disorder obsessivecompulsive disorder OCDPTSDPhobia a persistentdisproportionate fear of some specific objectsituation that presents littleno actual dangeryet leads to great deal of avoidance of these feared situations3 categories specific socialagoraphobiaSpecific phobia SPDefinition intenseirrational fear of specific objectssituations when confronted w a feared object snakeelevator the phobia person often shows activation of the fightorflight response which is also associated w panic duration of at least 6 monthsSubtypesAnimalsnakes spidersNatural environment storms heights waterSituational public transportation tunnels bridges flying
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