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Chapter 9

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3390
Mary Manson- Hennig

Eating disorders Chapter 9Eating disorder severe disturbance in eating behaviourAnorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa separate syndromes in the DSMIV but often co exist and can be deadly adult eating disordersoFear of becoming fat pursuit of thinness ectClinical aspects of eating disorderoAnorexia nervosa literally means lack of appetite induced by nervousnessoMisnomer lack of appetite isnt the real problem problem is the intense fear of becoming fat combined with refusal to maintain a minimally low body weightoFirst medical account of AN in 1689 by Richard Morton described two patients 18 year old girl 16 year old boySuffered from nervous consumption thatcaused wasting of body tissueoFemales to be diagnosed must have had one menstrual cycle and their cycles must stop to meet diagnostic criterionStopping of menstrual cycles however can obvi still have eating disorder without amenorrhea just as ill as those whose cycles stop called ENDOS covered in a few pagesoExtreme denial may wear baggie clothes hide objects to make self look bigger and drink large amounts of water to weight is as more to deny problemo2 types of AN restricting typeeat slow small pieces hide food and the binge eatingpurging typeBinge or purge or both bc relentless restriction of all food is not possible for all anorexics some make use of a binge purge strategyBinge out of control eating of amounts of food greater than normal pplPurge remove the food from their body somehow vomit laxatives diuretics enemas3050transition from restrictive AN to bingepurgesome point in their disorderBallet dancershigh risk bc emphasis on slender physiqueLaxatives however do not actually produce weight loss bc food digested and absorbed just fluid lostDeath usually result of physiological consequences of starvation or more intentional suicidal behaviourContrast bulimia bc death as direct cause of eating disorder is rareoBulimia nervosaBinge eating and efforts to prevent weight gain like self induced vomiting and excessive excersizeBulimia greek words ox and hunger meaning they can eat an oxMuch in common with bingepurge of anorexia Difference is anorexics are severely underweight while the bulimics are normal or can even be overweightIf a bingepurger also meets criteria for anorexia nervosa diagnosis is ANDSMIV requires most severe eating pathology takes precedenceCommon overwhelming fear of being fat bulimics typically of normal weightAfter a massive binge up to 5000 kcals they abuse purging strategies which alleviates fear of weightgain regardless of the disgust they feel from behaviourHigh food billsSteal food from roomatesNon purge bulimia doesnt vomitslaxatives just excersize excessively or dietsTypical patient with AN denies seriousness of disorder and is unaware of shcock concern that her peersfamily experiences
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