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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Our Sexuality

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PSYC 3450
Karl Hennig

Our Sexuality Chapter 1 pp 1.24 - understanding oneself sexually and having interpersonal sexual skills and integrity are two characteristics we consider to be part of sexual intelligence, and these abilities help us make responsible decisions about our sexual behaviour based on our personal values - an ethnic group typically shares a common historical ancestry, religion and language and education levels and socioeconomic status are crucial in influencing sexual attitudes and behaviours - people with more education masturbate more often than less educated people do; oral sex is most common among young, college educated whites and least common among African americans and people with less education - Asian americans have more conservative attitudes and are less likely toengage in premarital intercourse than Hispanic, African or European americans - Hispanic culture on the whole often endorses sexual exploration for males but places a high value on chastity before marriage for women - The degree of acculturation (replacing traditional beliefs and behaviour patterns with those of the dominant culture) creates differences within subcultures - 25% of teens have partners from ethnic groups other than their own -
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