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Chapter 8

CHAPTER 8 - Aggression and Moral Behaviour in Sport.docx

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3480
Dan Yarmey

CHAPTER 8 Aggression and Moral Behaviour in SportDEVELOPMENT OF MORAL CHARACTER There are two perspectives on the development of moral behaviour structuraldevelopmental and social learningStructuraldevelopmental Perspectivemoral development viewed as the change in reasoning patterns that are related to a persons cognitive growth and developmentKohlbergs six developmental stages of moral judgement grouped into 3 levelsLevel 1 Preconventional morality Stage 1Children follow rules due to fear of punishmentStage 2Children follow rules in hopes of receiving rewards Level 2 Conventional moralityStage 3Individuals conform to avoid disapproval of othersStage 4Individuals will uphold laws and social rulesLevel 3 Postconventional morality established as ones moral reasoning is not restricted by rulesStage 5Actions are guided by principles commonly agreed on as being essential Stage 6These actions are selfselected and guided by ethical principles displayed by less than 10 of individualsSocial Learning Perspectivemoral developmentthe carrying out of an action considered right or wrongdevelops through the processes of reinforcement and modellingFACTORS INFLUENCING MORAL BEHAVIOURSport Environmentmoral behaviours can flourish or be negatively influenced depending on the environmenttype of coaching impacts moral development o coaches who display lack of leadership can promote aggressive behavioursMotivational ClimateTwo types1 Mastery motivational climatecoach encourages cooperation and learning from past mistakes 2 Performance motivational climatecoach emphasizes winning and stresses competitionProsocial behavioursintended to assist or benefit another individual or team ie helping an injured opponent
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