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Chapter 10

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PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 10 – Coach-Parent-Child Relationship Why Kids Participate in and Withdraw from Sport  Athletic participation allows kids to develop a sense of competency and success in specific sport activities. It also produces perceptions of control, self-confidence, and enhanced feelings of self-worth  Kids continue to participate because of intrinsic motivations and pleasure in playing as well as they can, in pleasing their parents and family, and in playing with their friends. Although winning is important to many kids, fun and acquiring and improving skills are chief objectives o Kids would rather play and be competitors on losing teams, than members of championship teams but sit on the bench  A significant number of children and adolescents who start a sport withdraw each year. Motives for withdrawal include: o Perception that sport is too competitive; focus solely on winning can cause distress and anxiety and fear of negative evaluation for some o Overzealous and overinvolved parents who put extreme pressure on kids to achieve success, and coaches who need to win for whatever personal reasons o Coaches who may be disliked because of poor interpersonal skills, lack of knowledge about game, and inadequate teaching and coaching skills o Conflict with other interests and general life demands, e.g. academic concerns, PT employment, other sports, and social activities The Athletic Triangle  Most parents enthusiastically attend games to support children, and are respectful of coaches, referees, and opposition  Parents must appreciate child's joy is playing rather than in outcomes.  'Reversed-dependency trap' = young athlete becomes an extension of parents, some parents identify and live vicariously through achievements of children  As children succeed, parent in turn feels significant and worthy. But if child falls short of expectation
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