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Chapter 24

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 24 - Personality  "It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog." - George Bernard Shaw  Personality - individual's unique, relatively consistent pattern of behaving, feeling, and thinking  Quality of consistency in behavior across situations is key component of personality.  Concept of distinctiveness is central concept. People act differently from others in same situation, and varied reactions may occur as function of distinctive set of personality traits that each person possesses  Traits distinguished by 3 levels o Cardinal Trait – dominant trait, characterizes most of person's thoughts, feelings, and actions o Central Trait – prominent general dispositions (e.g., warmth, friendliness, trustworthy), form psychological core or building blocks of personality. Core components define basic personality of individual and depict 'real you' o Secondary (Peripheral) Trait - less consistent and more variable dispositions as individuals move from situation to situation (e.g., passive in classroom but aggressive on playing field). Strength and way traits interact are person-specific and comprise individual's personality profile. Knowledge of personality profile allows others to describe individual and predict how might act, think, and feel in general  Personality also can be conceptualized as a psychological mixture of core elements, typical responses, and role-related behaviors o Core Elements - stable unchanging characteristics of personality o Typical Responses - less stable and related to how individuals behave in daily circumstances o Role-Related Behaviors - different roles people play in different situations and contexts  Coaches look for and want certain traits and characteristics in athletes - most important characteristics are: poise; trust; confidence; team-oriented; goal-oriented; mental toughness; self-disciplined; self- motivated; positive development; competitive; intelligent; sense of humor; sociable; the ability to prioritize life demands; the ability to deal with the realities of sport such as winning and losing; a willingness to accept instruction; openness to constructive criticism; dedication to skill improvement; empathy for teammates, and a willingness to take risks o Must be nurtured and developed Is there a Distinct Sport Personality?  Impossible to define and measure distinct sport personality; however, certain personality traits (e.g. trait anxiety, mental toughness, and perfectionism) are correlated with sport performance The Big Five Personality Traits and Other Characteristics Associated with Sport  Of 5 factors considered to best capture essence of personality, only two traits been found related to athletic performance o Athletes differ from non-athletes in being more objective, social optimists, risk takers, socially outgoi
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