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Chapter 21

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PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 21 – Motivation  "Achievement is one percent aspiration and 99 percent perspiration." - Chinese fortune cookie  Motivation - process of arousing, sustaining, and regulating pattern of activity. Directs individuals' choices where energies to be targeted  Has an intensity factor - amount of energy available to be directed toward one's goals  Competitive sports that promote enjoyable sensory stimulation and social relatedness; and give sense of autonomy (feeling that individuals have choice and in control of own behavior), competency (knowing that one is effective and capable in challenging tasks) and self-determination (behaviors undertaken freely as opposed to being controlled by some authority) are intrinsically satisfying and motivating What is this thing called ‘Intensity’?  Intensity - sense of passion and urgency each and every moment regardless of score o Understanding that you must attack and defend with urgency in order to reach your individual and team goals. Intensity can be there if you choose to play this way  Individual and teams to develop sense of collective commitment which lasts until final whistle, done through constant communication - constant chatter (teams that talk most tend to be most successful), positive body language, and determined eye to eye contact  Athletes must choose to win each moment over and over again by playing to win next moment regardless of score - have choices to make On Winning and Success  Winning and losing refer to outcome of competition, whereas success is measured by progress made toward personal and/or team's goals o Personal goals - external motivation (material rewards, personal recognition, championship
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