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Chapter 35

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PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 35 - Slumps  "Slumps are like a soft bed, easy to get into and hard to get out of." - Johnny Bench  Slumps are common in baseball and in other sports, and it is not unusual for athletes including professionals to go through relatively long periods of poor performance  These performance declines are more than the usual ups and downs from game to game that players experience during the course of a season  Assuming an athlete has shown good to high performance, a slump involves a decrease in production over time that is substantially below expectations  The inability to explain performance decline is often countered by well-meaning peers, family members, and casual acquaintances that too often have ready available explanations and solutions. Much of this advice although well-intended and supportive may further enflame the problem by adding unwanted attention and misinformation  Slumps can occur or be caused by a variety of changes. Not all slumps are mental o For instance, alterations in the player's technique such as slight modifications in the positioning of hands or feet can affect the execution of the skill, or the timing of normal sequences of movement  Variation in pre-game and game routines, or even changes in equipment such as using a new set of shoes or tennis racquet, can trigger distracted thinking resulting in unwanted actions  Performance slumps often are the result of disturbing situational and personal factors, such as, financial issues and family or relationship problems
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