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Chapter 12

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 12, Part 1 (pg 321-4) – Exercise and Mental Health SELF -CONCEPT AND SELF-ESTEEM  Often been cited as important indicators of psychological well-being  Been used interchangeably but not exactly the same  S-C – “multitude of attributes and roles thorough which individuals evaluate themselves to establish self-esteem judgments” o Come ot be viewed as multiple domain of self-structure, with specific s-c’s for specific roles in life, e.g. physical, emotional, social, and academic dimensions  S-E – “personal judgment of worthiness”, “global and relatively stable evaluative construct reflecting degree to which individual feels positive about him- or herself”  Physical self can be divided into various sub-domains, e.g. spot competence, physical conditioning, body attractiveness, and physical strength Exercise and Self-Esteem  S-E long indentified as psychological state with greatest potential to reflect benefits that can be gained from regular exercise  Research continues to show that following regular exercise program results in improved s-c/s-e o Wide range of physical activity been investigated in terms of potential to impact people’s s-c/s-e  Significant improvements been reported following participation in activities that include, running, walking, cycling, weight-training, cardiopulmonary training, step dance, and golfing o Most types of exercise have positive benefit on s-c/s-e, although running and weight-training are 2 that resulted in greatest improvements  Crocker et al. (2008) – reported that although evidence suggests global s-e related to physical activity, other factors may also be involved o Physical self (i.e. ability and appearance) appears to be more important than global s-e in determining motivated
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