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Anneke Olthof

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Exercise 9.1 to 9.8 9.2) Ravizza (1998) has provided a feedback sheet, which athletes can complete to process different subjective indicators of their performance. Assume that you are a competitive athlete and complete the form as if you were involved in a recent fame or competition (use your imagination) 1. List the major stressors you experienced in today’s game Fear of failure, and general performance anxiety 2. How were these stressors experienced (thoughts, actions, body)? Thoughts – fear that I will not perform up to standards, and that I will fail my team members and coaches. Actions – during the warm-up, I tripped over the ball, which made me more anxious for the actual game. 3. How was your level of arousal for today’s game? What were you feelings at these various points? a. Bus ride to game: Arousal level 5 b. Warm-up on field, court, etc: Arousal level 6/7 (too high) c. Just before the game: Arousal level 7/8 d. During the game: Arousal level 8/9 4. What techniques did you use to manage the stress and how effective were you in controlling it? I used positive self-talk and downward counterfactual thinking 5. How was your self-talk? Self-talk was harder during the warm-up and the first part of the game, but as the game progressed I really tried harder to increase my confidence with positive self-talk. 6. What did you learn from today’s game that will help you in your next game? I learned to not be so critical of myself and to always use positive self-talk starting earlier on, that way my thoughts won’t get out of hand. I also learned to take responsibility for my own actions and not blame them on other team members or coaches. 7. What mental training techniques were most effective to you? I try to use self-talk and psych-up strategies as much as possible as they are most effective for me. Positive self-talk can pump me up and prepare me for the game, while psych-up strategies, for example, slow deep breaths, can calm me down and relax me in preparation for a major game. 8. Briefly describe one play or segment of the game that you enjoyed. In the last 2 minutes of the game, the two teams were going head to head, getting
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