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Chapter 7

Chapter 7-Group Cohesion in Sport and Exercise.docx

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PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 7Group Cohesion in Sport and ExerciseINTRODUCTIONGroup dynamics major branch of social psychologyfocuses on gaining knowledge about the nature of groups and their development and on understanding the interrelationships between groups and individuals between groups and between groups and large institutionsAssembly effect refers to variations in group behaviour that are functions of the particular combinations of individuals in the groupOne of the key group processes involves with team effectiveness is how a group communicates o Scale for effective communication in team sports SECTSidentifies distinctiveness acceptance positive conflicts and negative conflict as four factors of effective communication in teams o Increased team communication could lead to better team performance as it is associated with player satisfaction which is related to team performanceAnother group process associated with team effectiveness is how decisions are made a decision made by a group will be better than one made by an individual o Majority rule based on equal participation and equal powertends to make more successful decisions does not always occur because of conformity o Groupthink occurs when concurrenceseeking becomes so dominant in a cohesive group that it tends to overshadow realistic appraisals of alternative courses of actionCohesionmost important small group variablerefers to the degree to which members are motivated to stay in the groupTHE NATURE OF GROUP COHESIONCohesion attraction to t
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