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Chapter 28

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University of Guelph
PSYC 3480
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 28 – Psych-Up Strategies  You've only got three choices in life - give up, give in, give it all you've got" - Anonymous Purpose of Psych-Up Strategies  Main purpose to increase athletes’ arousal level  Pep talks can be effective energizers - Expectation is that with increased energy athlete will attain a state of physical and mental readiness that gives a psychological advantage over opponents  Pep talks can be high energizers for some competitors, but if athletes are already highly energized, additional stimulation just prior to competition can create a state of frenzy leading to poor concentration and poor performance  Pep-talks are not magic pills. Pre-game talks and half-time speeches, however, can provide necessary focus for specific goals or game-plans, activate feelings of commitment, and provide opportunity to give a realistic assessment of difficulty of competition ahead  Coaches must not misrepresent difficulty or ease of upcoming competition; instead, they must be positive and realistic. Players must be told that on any particular day weaker teams can and do beat stronger teams, and that competition will probably be tough, but victory is possible if athletes focus and execute their skills and follow game plan. Types of Psych-Up Strategies  Music. Music can be an effective energizer for some athletes, but not all kinds of music (e.g., heavy metal, rap, country-western, etc.), or intensity and tempo of selections are appreciated in same way across athletes. Music used as an energizer should be a private event experienced over headphones rather than heard from a boom box.  Bulletin Boards. Inspirational quotations and bold positive statements displayed on bulletin boards, lockers, and hallways that dem
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