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Exercise unit eight 8.1: Coaching Style In my opinion when I was starting to play volleyball I use to prefer friendly helper coaches, they could help me learning the sport, I didn’t feel all the pressure and they made me feel more and more interested to practice. When I was getting older and more experienced my preference of coaching style changed, I start to prefer hard-drivers ones. This happened because what I need in that point was someone keeping the order, telling what we need to do and teaching us how to have discipline. On the other hand, other athletes prefer the thoughtful persuader, because they could do the same as the hard- drivers, but the athletes didn’t feel all the pressure, the athletes thought they were choosing what to do, but actually they were being persuaded. 8.2: Communication: Verbal and Nonverbal It is always a bad thing when communication “sucked”. To try to contour this, it is necessary to make something that will have the attention of the entire group. Maybe, it is possible to make a huge noise and then start talking normally, using verbal and nonverbal communication. It is necessary to explain the importance of communication, not only the coach communication with the athletes, but the athletes with each other. That they can help each other and they need to respect. If
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