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Exercise 5.6 Self-affirmation When I am competing and something goes wrong, I normally feel guilty and start to criticize my performance. My mind starts saying to me that I should have done better, and if sentences became frequently. If I ran faster, if I have attacked to the other side, if I… To control this, I should stop saying if sentences and start to say that in the next game I will improve my mistake, that I am able to do much better, that I trained a lot and my performance is improving. For me, the personal affirmation that works best is to talk inside my mind about my skills and then I can get more relaxed and self-confident. Exercise 5.8 Burnout Raedeke describes burnout as a syndrome characterized by physical exhaustion, emotional disturbances, and cognitive changes in perspective. Cresswell asserts that burnout is attributed to constant and excessive pressure to succed to win. I start to practice volleyball when I was 11 years old, I start just for fun but years was passing and as I was improving my performance, the coach ask me to practice more serious to get into competitions. I accepted and I was really exciting about. Problems start to come, the pressure from the coach and my self-criticism was taking my sleep away, this cycle never ends and I was getting even more stressed and less confident about myself. My performance decreased because of my burnout, I was physically exhausted and in a high level of stress. My family notice that I was at the limit to get crazy, and then I talk with them and to a psychology, they helped me a lot. I decide to have a ‘normal life’ hanging o
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