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PSYC 3480

1.1 Perspective on and interest in sport psychology 1. In what ways do you think that the study of human behavior and experience can have practical applications to sport? In my opinion, psychological factors may influence performance and motivation of the athletes and coaches. Knowing the human behavior and experience makes easier to implement an effective intervention to enjoy and perform better in competitive games. Positive psychology can be thought of as an examination of the subjective experience: well-being, satisfaction, fulfillment, pleasure and happiness. This knowledge also helps to increase positive qualities like confidence, independence, social and physical skills to enhance performance. 2. What are your initial feelings or biases toward sport psychology? Sport psychology is an practical area that many people can benefit with. It used the theory from psychology and the knowledge of human behavior to help athletes and coaches improving their performance and enhancing exercise behavior and well-being. 3. What do you want to get out of this course? I want to apply the theories for my own, having a healthy lifestyle. Learn to manage my feelings, having an optimistic disposition, enjoyment and satisfaction and increase my positive qualities as confidence, independence, social and physical functioning and life satisfaction. 1.2 What is sport? What is sport psychology? Is it necessary for psychologists and other social scientists to formalize sport? What activities currently considered to be sport, or being promoted as sport, should not be considered sport in your opinion? How does sport differ from sport psychology? Sport is a physical activity that involves physical skill, prowess and/or exertion and it must occur under a particular set of conditions or circumstances. It is an organized setting, i
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