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PSYC 3480

Exercise unit two 2.1 What role, if any, do traits have as causes of athletic performance? In your opinion, based on theoretical reasoning, are traits simply inferences of behavior? In my opinion, traits have a very important role in athletic performance. Our traits are clusters of behavioral, and they affect our lives including when the topic is a sport. Personality traits can predict the performance. Taking the mental toughness as an example, it express an inner commitment, and as collection of psychological attributes and skills. It involves psychological characteristics as control, competitiveness, concentration, confidence, commitment, determination, desire, focus, persistence, and optimism. This skill help the athlete to be more confident, more motivated, to manage with the stress, and all this together allow the athletes to cope with competition demands better than their opponents. Traits are not simply inferences of behavior. In my opinion there is something more that interferes in our actions and reactions upon the situation. Sometimes you think you will react someway and it is not true, you can be surprised with the result. 2.2 Personality Theories. Of the different theories of personality that have been described which one in your opinion would be most useful vs which one would be least useful in understanding and explaining the relationship between personality and sport participation? In my opinion, the cognitive-behavioural approach is the most useful to expl
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